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Why association podcasting is on the rise

Podcasting for associations is more popular than ever, and it’s obvious why. Your members are constantly exposed to so much content on the internet, now organizations have to do more than ever to keep their membership up to date with the current news, continuing education, and information going on around their sector. In the last year, we here at Human Factor have seen the number of association podcasts grow very significantly.

There are a few reasons why:

  1. It speaks right to their issues. Where else is a member going to get the exact information she’s looking for? Your association has the information that is completely and totally relevant to what is happening in your industry.
  1. They are easily listenable, most people still have a commute (at least a few days a week). During this time, people can get the latest up to date information in a time and place where their eyes need to be elsewhere but their ears can absorb information. In the car, walking down the street, or at the gym are all places people these days are listening to their podcasts.
  1. It’s affordable. Producing a quarterly, monthly or weekly video series done right would be very expensive and even more time-consuming to do well. You need lighting, sound, editing, not to mention the fact that your video subjects can be a more than a little nervous when a camera turns on. Also, videos have to compete with all the other clickbait videos on youtube. But if done correctly podcasts can be made efficiently and quickly with very relevant information for the listener.
  1. It humanizes your association. A podcast is a place where your podcast hosts and guests can let their hair down and talk about the issues. You can break down complex data. Talk about an article in your newsletter. But most importantly your members can get to hear about some of the hard-working people at the association. It puts a human factor to your group and moves your organization away from that place where their dues go.

A podcast is the perfect vehicle for members to hear the conversations from industry folks, hear about new technologies, learn about upcoming legislation, and so much more. It’s a place where associations can really shine and do what they do best–build community.



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