podcaster in studio

So, you’re hosting a show!

First of all thanks for doing this. Here are some reminders for you and your guests:

1. This is a lossless recording, meaning your computer is recording you locally and then sending us the clean file.

2. Don’t close your browser until I give you the all clear

3. Do-over,  just say “time out”  “lets say that again” etc etc. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END 

4. Explain the Mute button

5. (if applicable) We are living in the future. So try not to mention the big game tonight, the date, etc.

6. Is there anything you want the hosts to stay away from?

7. If something technically goes wrong don’t worry about it. Just come back to the zen link and we will figure out how to start back up.

8. Now would be a good time to turn off your mobile phone, close email, slack, anything that dings