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podcaster in studio

So, you're hosting a show!

First of all thanks for doing this. Here are some reminders to help you manage the session.

As guests arrive, check their settings

***Check to see what roles people are logged in as, make sure everyone who needs to be recorded is a host or a guest.***

  • Look at everyone’s microphone setting, make sure if they have a good mic that it is selected.
  • For the show open, be sure to set the music in the media browser from Preview to Live
  • If anyone is on the iOS app, turn on “do not disturb (or Focus)” – if you get a call during taping it will knock you off the riverside recording.
    To turn on “Do not disturb (or Focus),” swipe down from the top right corner, then tap the moon.
  • Guests should use a Google Chrome or Edge browser on a laptop or desktop
  • Guests should NOT be in an incognito window
  • Guests should not have any other video applications open while using Riverside
  • Make sure that guests are not running heavy applications while recording on Riverside
  • Contact Riverside support at enterprise@riverside.fm if needed. You may also be able to get them in the Riverside chat window in your session. 

Troubleshooting mic setup

***If they have a Blue Yeti, here are some things you may need to tell them***

  • Tell them to speak into the Blue logo side.
  • Mute button should be solid red light. If it’s blinking that means the mic is muted.
  • Here’s the Blue Yeti Manual to refresh yourself on the pattern settings. Should be on Cardioid (upside down heart) if there is only one person talking to that mic.
  • Gain knob is on the back of the mic (opposite side from the Blue logo). 
  • If they can’t hear you make sure their headphones are plugged into the Yeti (not their computer) and that their Yeti is set as their output device.
Yeti mic

Troubleshooting Connections

  • Tell them to try refreshing their browser window
  • Restart their browser
  • Restart their computer
  • Go to Zoom if all else fails

Just before recording, make these ANNOUNCEMENTS

  • This is a lossless recording, meaning your computer is recording you locally and then sending us the clean file.
  • Don’t close your browser until I give you the all clear
  • Do-over,  just say “time out”  “lets say that again” etc etc. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END
  • (if applicable) This episode will come out in the future. So try not to mention the big game tonight, the date, etc.
  • If something technically goes wrong don’t worry about it. Just come back to the Riverside link and we will figure out how to start back up.
  • Now would be a good time to turn off your mobile phone, close email, slack, apple watch, anything that dings – also any jewelry that may rattle if you talk with your hands
  • If there are two guests, remind the host to address their questions to one of them by name.
  • For Convenience Matters, remind the host(s) to leave a pause after the short intro to mark the spot for ads or announcements.
  • Remind people we are not recording video (unless we are).
  • Explain the Mute button
  • Is anyone NOT ready to start? Let’s Go!

After the recording