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podcaster in studio

So, you're hosting a show!

First of all thanks for doing this. Here are some reminders to help you manage the session.

As guests arrive, check their settings

***Check to see what roles people are logged in as, make sure everyone who needs to be recorded is a host or a guest.***

  • Look at everyone’s microphone setting, make sure if they have a good mic that it is selected.
  • For the show open, be sure to set the music in the media browser from Preview to Live
  • If anyone is on the iOS app, turn on “do not disturb (or Focus)” – if you get a call during taping it will knock you off the riverside recording.
    To turn on “Do not disturb (or Focus),” swipe down from the top right corner, then tap the moon.
  • Guests should use a Google Chrome or Edge browser on a laptop or desktop
  • Guests should NOT be in an incognito window
  • Guests should not have any other video applications open while using Riverside
  • Make sure that guests are not running heavy applications while recording on Riverside
  • Contact Riverside support at enterprise@riverside.fm if needed. You may also be able to get them in the Riverside chat window in your session. 

Troubleshooting mic setup

***If they have a Blue Yeti, here are some things you may need to tell them***

  • Tell them to speak into the Blue logo side.
  • Mute button should be solid red light. If it’s blinking that means the mic is muted.
  • Here’s the Blue Yeti Manual to refresh yourself on the pattern settings. Should be on Cardioid (upside down heart) if there is only one person talking to that mic.
  • Gain knob is on the back of the mic (opposite side from the Blue logo). 
  • If they can’t hear you make sure their headphones are plugged into the Yeti (not their computer) and that their Yeti is set as their output device.
Yeti mic

Troubleshooting Connections

  • Tell them to try refreshing their browser window
  • Restart their browser
  • Restart their computer
  • Go to Zoom if all else fails

Ask if they will need music or clips

  • Open the Media tab
  • Find the music/clip needed
  • Flip switch to Live
  • Turn volume down to do a test, play it to make sure they can hear it and adjust volume as needed
***If the Preview/Live switch doesn’t work, you will have to take off your headphones so the music comes out of your speakers and into your mic. You will have to turn off your echo canceler for this to work, but only turn it off just before playing the clip or you will echo like crazy.***

Just before recording, make these ANNOUNCEMENTS

  • This is a lossless recording, meaning your computer is recording you locally and then sending us the clean file.
  • Don’t close your browser until I give you the all clear
  • Do-over,  just say “time out”  “lets say that again” etc etc. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END
  • (if applicable) This episode will come out in the future. So try not to mention the big game tonight, the date, etc.
  • If something technically goes wrong don’t worry about it. Just come back to the Riverside link and we will figure out how to start back up.
  • Now would be a good time to turn off your mobile phone, close email, slack, apple watch, anything that dings – also any jewelry that may rattle if you talk with your hands
  • If there are two guests, remind the host to address their questions to one of them by name.
  • For Convenience Matters, remind the host(s) to leave a pause after the short intro to mark the spot for ads or announcements.
  • Remind people we are not recording video (unless we are).
  • Explain the Mute button
  • Is anyone NOT ready to start? Let’s Go!

After the recording

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