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Blake’s Banter About Podcasts

I’m Blake, and I banter about podcasts. This is the place to learn about podcasting–whether its picking out a mic, how to launch a series, prepping for your next episode, or how to take the show on the road. At Human Factor we work on podcasts for associations all day long and I banter about the things I see every month in the association podcasting space.

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Learn how to dip in Ableton Live

Don’t tell your trainer. I wouldn’t want them coming after me. Because I’m going to teach you to automate your dips. No workout required. Dipping audio automatically in Ableton

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How to auto-mix a podcast

Side-chaining is well known in the music, radio, and post-production world. But many podcasters are unaware of how easy it is to set up and how effective it can

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Ghosts? on your podcast?

“What are we going to talk about on our podcast? Who should we have on?” These are common questions I get, especially in the pre-production phase of a show.

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Why Podcast

Soon all associations will have podcasts

From breaking down data and continuing education to just plain fun, associations need to be podcasting to reach the next generation. Consider that the younger generations communicate differently. How

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