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Blake’s Banter About Podcasts

I’m Blake, and I banter about podcasts. This is the place to learn about podcasting–whether its picking out a mic, how to launch a series, prepping for your next episode, or how to take the show on the road. At Human Factor we work on podcasts for associations all day long and I banter about the things I see every month in the association podcasting space.

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Prepare for success

So you want to make a podcast? By now, most associations know they need a podcast as one of the tools to communicate with their membership. But between coming

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On The Road Again

The only thing people usually see and hear is the final product. But just one technical glitch behind the scenes can be a VERY expensive mistake. What can you

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How to attract sponsors

“Sponsors aren’t interested.” I hear this often. Either from the organization making the podcast or from the sponsors themselves. Sponsors aren’t interested. Really? OK. Sometimes it’s true and there

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