Blake's Banter 


Blakes Banter About PodcastsHi! I'm Blake. I'm one of the owners here at Human Factor, and I've been producing audio forever, and making podcasts since before it was cool. One thing I've noticed since then is that podcasts are very effective communication tools for industry and member-based organizations. People told me I should do something to help spread the word on how effective podcasts are, and share some of the best practices on how to make them. So I did it!

If you would like me to help you with your podcast just contact me. My team and I love helping member-based organizations launch and improve their podcasts while increasing their listenership. So enough about me. Go enjoy some content.

Why association podcasting is on the rise

Podcasting for associations is more popular than ever, and it’s obvious why. Your members are constantly exposed to so much content on the internet, now organizations have to do more than ever to keep their membership up to date with the current news, continuing education, and information going on around their sector. In the last …