Three Reasons for Associations to Podcast

  • Everybody's Listening

    44% of Americans reported in 2018 they are listening to podcasts. That's 143 million Americans!
  • Be the Authority

    Because if you don't represent your industry with a podcast, SOMEBODY ELSE WILL!
  • Meaningful Conversations

    Connect with your members in more than 280 characters

What Our Clients Say

Blake, Paula and the HF Team keep our show current and on schedule. They always bring us new ideas and help us get better with every episode. We wouldn’t have a show without them!
Carolyn Schnare Convenience Matters, NACS

How Human Factor Can Help

  • Pilot

    The Pilot phase is where we give you a chance to practice. Get a taste of what it is to make a show. Try out your hosts. Get some training and walk away with 4-5 episodes to help you get support for the full commitment.
  • Host Training & Show Development

    Our team has been making podcasts since 2008 and working in entertainment for nearly two decades. We know how to take association executives and make them competent show hosts. We know what works and what doesn’t work in a weekly series. With our guidance, you will develop your show, feel like a pro in no time, and start experiencing the member and public engagement you seek.
  • Professional Expertise

    We do the technical work so you don’t have to. From making you comfortable in our studio or setting up a studio in your headquarters to getting your show in all the places people look for podcasts, we take the hassle out of the experience and let you concentrate on your mission.